History of Vernie’s Pizza

Vernie's Pizza Building

Vernie’s Pizza has been in our family since 1998. It began with our desire to operate our own restaurant. When we started out there were many obstacles to overcome, such as new equipment, remodeling, and training new staff members while maintaining a quality business.

In 2002, due to increasing business we made the transition to our current location with the assistance of our employees. It wasn’t easy running an oven on wheels through a barren parking lot! We completely deconstructed the interior structure and put our Vernie’s spin on the atmosphere. Our new surroundings inspired the staff to produce quality food and provide excellent service.

Our company has grown substantially in the past 10 years, which we owe to our loyal customer base and the friendly nature of our staff.

The employees are encouraged to share their suggestions for new entrees, which in many cases have made it to a stable item on our menu.

Our #1 goal is community involvement at Vernie’s Pizza. We accomplish this through local clubs, car shows, and charities. Giving back to the community is what makes this business worthwhile.

Humor is always appreciated in all situations even when it is at the expense of our staff. Please refrain your children from picking on or harming our employees, mostly our drivers! (;P)

At Vernie’s we make every effort to provide a quality product for a reasonable price. We share a gathering place where families, young and old, can eat, drink and be merry in a comfortable environment.

About Vern and Debra

We are both active owner/operators of Vernie’s Pizza since 1998. Usually, you will see us every Monday through Friday during the day. Each morning we get the store ready for the day by preparing fresh dough and cheese. After our initial work is done we enjoy visiting with our customers, which in many cases have become our friends.

We have a passion for classic cars, which ties into the overall theme of Vernie’s Pizza. We attend and support the local car shows, likely you will see us there!


Eric Eveland

I graduated from WSU with a degree in Advertising and Marketing. My plans consist of ultimately taking over Vernie’s Pizza, which my family has run for the past 10 years.